Tree Solutions

For 10 years, energy efficiency realisers, experts in the controlled management of thermal plants thanks to the BRAIN by Tree Solutions system.

Simple Thinking Big

Tree Solutionsis a reality of Italian engineering and software talents, born in 2013 and hosted within PoliHub ofMilan Polytechnic, the first pole of technological innovation in Italy.
The company's mission is to develop new solutions for ’efficient use of energy and to promote environmental sustainability, with a view to transition to smart buildings.
The platformBrainby Tree Solutions was the answer to this need.
Tree Solutions' commitment is to "put a brain"to heating/cooling systems in medium-large buildings.

In recent years Tree Solutions has broadened its horizons, expanding the dominated complexity and keeping the company's philosifa intact:it must be easy to think big.
The company also has technological solutions in the field of comfort and indoor air quality: detection and monitoring systems for all realities attentive to the environmental quality inside the buildings. It also develops Hoc solutions for the collection and management of ESG data.

The advantages

The advantages that the company offers to its customers revolve around 3 main assets:

  • Economic savings without large initial investments
  • Reduction of emissions and consumption
  • Increased comfort and improved thermal management

Tree Solutions is a win win game, in which all participants, us first, are happy and proud of their choices.

Theenergy efficiency through proposed control technologies often offers new development opportunities that lead Tree Solutions to interface every day with new opportunities for growth, which we would be proud to seize with you.

The team consists of experts in energy engineering and computer science, with great know-how on thermal systems and the latest IT technologies.

Energy is a good that should not be wasted

In 2013, when Tree Solutions was founded, William Kamkwamba, the boy who trapped the wind to produce energy and save his village was named by Time one of 30 people under 30 who < b > are changing the world.
The famine that struck William's village in Malawi forced him to leave school because the family was unable to afford the tuition. William frequented the village library in secret. Thanks to this strong belief that he could make a contribution, William made a 12 kilowatt wind turbine using rubber shafts, bicycle parts and landfill materials.
We like to think we are, every day using our skills to the fullest, like William: Tree Solutions, simple to think big.


If you would like to learn more about us, please do not hesitate to contact us!